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A.M. Pappas & Associates - Investment focus: accelerating the development of life science companies, products and related technologies.

Abingworth Management Limited - Focus: venture capital investor on both sides of the Atlantic, specialising in early-stage life science companies.

ABN AMRO Private Equity - Investment focus: business services, communications, information technology and healthcare services companies with new products and services that address large existing markets.

ABS Capital - Investment focus: management buy-outs, expansion financing and recapitalization in technology, business services, media communications and health care.

Accel Partners - Investment focus: early stage opportunities in information technology and health care.

Advanta Partners - Investment focus: growth capital and acquisition opportunities in the information services industry and early-stage investments in Internet and e-commerce companies.

Affinity Films International - Focus: production company with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Montreal seeking equity investments in several slates of quality motion pictures.

Alliance Technology Ventures - Investment focus: information technology and life sciences startups with a focus on the Southeast U.S.

Alta Partners - Investment focus: high growth information technologies and life sciences companies.

ARCH Venture Partners - Investment focus: seed and early-stage ventures involving information technology, life sciences or physical sciences.

Argo Global Capital - Investment focus: companies that are enabling the convergence of wireless communications and the Internet.

Arsenal Capital Partners - Focused on companies in chemical, general industrial, and healthcare sectors. Features portfolio of companies and press releases.

AsiaTech Management - Focus: early stage funding in the e-commerce, communications, networking, Internet, information technology and semiconductors areas.

Asset Management - Investment focus: information technology and life sciences sectors.

Athena Technology Ventures - Investment focus: early-stage companies in the global communications industry.

Atlas Venture - Investment focus: early- and late-stage information technology and life sciences in Europe and the US.

Avalon Equity Partners - Invests in and helps develop privately held ventures in the media, communications and information services industries.

Avocet Ventures - Focus: strategic investments and corporate acquisitions in the healthcare and technology sectors.

Avogadro Partners - Focus: venture development group and venture capitalist seeking early-stage opportunities in microtechnology and nanotechnology.

BA Venture Partners - Focus: investing in early stage companies in broadband and wireless communications, software and biotechnology areas.

Bedrock Capital Partners - Investment focus: early stage companies in the communications, information technology, and healthcare industries.

Berkshire Partners - Focus: leveraged buy-outs, recapitalizations, industry consolidations in telecommunications, transportation, business services and manufacturing.

Bessemer Venture Partners - Investment focus: entrepreneurial companies in healthcare, information systems, telecommunications and retailing.

BioAsia Investments - Investment focus: U.S. life sciences companies with late-stage products and/or platform technologies.

Blue Chip Venture Company - Investment focus: start-ups in Internet infrastructure, e-commerce, information technology, telecommunications and healthcare services areas.

Blue Water Capital - Investment focus: expansion-stage technology and services companies, including software, Internet, Intranet, e-commerce, telecommunications and multimedia companies.

BR Johnson Group - Focus: venture development company working with start-up and early-stage companies principally in the health, beauty and entertainment industries.

Brentwood Venture Capital - Investment focus: start-up and early stage Internet, software and healthcare companies.

Brill Capital - Focus: identifies and evaluates growing companies that have the potential to achieve leadership positions within their industries.

Cardinal Health Partners - Investment focus: early-stage e-health and information technology, health care services and life sciences.

Carlson Group - Investment focus: early stage investments in the telecommunications and semiconductor industry.

Catalyst Venture Partners - Investment focus: help technology and media sector companies start, grow, and develop.

Centennial Ventures - Investment focus: seed, startup or late stage opportunities involving electronic communications.

Century Capital Management - Focus: investments in insurance, financial services and related business services.

Channel Medical Partners - Focus: late-stage investments in the medical technology industry.

Chisholm Private Capital Partners - Investment focus: seed and early-stage deals, turnarounds, industry consolidations and buy-outs in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas

CMEA Ventures - Focus: high technology investments in information technologies and life sciences.

Code Hennessy & Simmons LLC - Invests in middle-market companies that manufacture and distribute a broad array of consumer and industrial products.

Columbia Capital Corporation - Investment focus: communications and information technology firms at a variety of stages.

Compass Technology Partners - Focus: invests in emerging, high-growth potential companies with a focus on science and technology.

ComVentures - Investment focus: exclusively early-stage communications companies

Convergence Partners - Investment focus: early-stage companies in the communications, information technology and semiconductor sectors.

Coral Ventures - Investment focus: emerging and early-stage companies in the technology and healthcare industries.

Cortec Group - Focus: private equity investment firm which makes controlling investments in middle-market manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Crescendo Ventures - Focus: early-stage investment opportunities in the communications and e-business fields.

Divineisle Inc. - Focus: creates and grows market-transforming ventures.

Domain Associates - Investment focus: favors early-stage life sciences ventures

Dominion Ventures - Investment focus: private companies in information technology, communications, life sciences, healthcare and service industries.

Draper Fisher Jurvetson - Investment focus: early-stage information technology businesses with market potential.

DynaFund Ventures - Investment focus: early-stage companies in microelectronics, telecommunications and information technology.

Eakin Macdonald & Associates - Investment focus: specialists in arranging long term finance for hotels, from ?1m to ?25m.

East River Ventures - Investment focus: information technologies including communications, media, software and healthcare.

El Dorado Ventures - Investment focus: primarily West Coast early-stage technology-based ventures, mainly information technologies

Entrepia - Focus: invests in US and Japan network and Internet venture companies as a strategic partner.

Fairfax Partners - Investment focus: seed and early-stage technology companies involving healthcare, software or the environment.

Fidelity Ventures - Investment focus: healthcare, communications, software, employer services, and education. - Assists investors who seek viable film projects and producers who seek financing.

Financial Technology Ventures - Provides capital to firms that create technology applications of interest to the financial services industry.

Foundry Capital - Investment focus: film, entertainment, and media.

Frazier and Company - Investment focus: all stage financing to healthcare and information technology companies in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest.

Gateway Associates - Investment focus: expansion-stage information technology, telecommunications and medical technology companies located in the Midwest.

Geometry Group, Inc. - Investment focus: start-up and early stage companies in the investment advisory and money management community.

Global Catalyst Partners - Focus: funding, industry knowledge and a global network of resources to early-stage information technology companies

Guide Ventures - Investment focus: seed and early-stage information technology companies.

Hallador Venture Partners - Investment focus: seed and early-stage west coast companies involving telecommunications and related fields

Hellman & Friedman - Focus: investing in management buyouts in media, telecommunications, financial services, technology and marketing.

Highland Capital Partners - Investment focus: information technology and healthcare companies.

HLM Venture Partners - Investment focus: technology, healthcare, business services, education and training companies.

Housatonic Partners - Investment focus: later stage companies in the business services, media and communications industries.

Hydro-Quebec CapiTech - Investment focus: Companies whose technological products and services are related to the energy field.

Imin Partners - Investment focus: private equity capital fund dedicated to investing in industrial minerals businesses.

Impact Venture Partners - Investment focus: early-stage companies offering information technology products and services.

Integral Capital Partners - Investment focus: expansion-stage private and growth-stage public companies in the information technology and life sciences industries.

Intelligent Capital - Focus: specialized advisor for mergers, acquisitions and strategic finance in the information technology sector.

International Venture Partners - Focus: teams with entrepreneurs to create successful new companies that are technology-based ventures in e-commerce, communications and health care.

J. H. Whitney and Co. - Investment focus: all stages in communications, Internet technology, healthcare, transforming industries and consumer.

Jerusalem Venture Partners - Focus: early-stage investments in communications and Internet companies in Israel, the US and Europe.

Kinetic Ventures - Investment focus: communications, Internet, and customer service companies.

Kuranda Capital - Focus: acquires and operates growth businesses in partnership with management focusing on manufacturing and value-added distribution businesses.

LF Venture Capital - Provides grouth capital and global sourcing for consumer product companies.

Longworth Venture Partners - Investment focus: early-stage companies involving e-commerce, Internet media, enterprise software and information technology services.

Lucent Venture Partners - Focus: subsidiary of Lucent Technologies invests in early-stage technology companies in high-growth communications areas.

M/C Venture Partners - Investment focus: early-stage communications and related information technology companies.

Marcus & Millichap Venture Partners - Focus: early to late stage venture funding for real estate technology companies.

Marquette Venture Partners - Investment focus: early-stage and emerging growth companies in consumer and business services, healthcare, and technology.

Meritage Private Equity Fund - Investment focus is on communications network and service opportunities.

Meritech Capital Partners - Focus: pursues late-stage traditional growth companies as well as co-investments in corporate buy-outs and spin-offs of information technology companies.

Merlin Biosciences - Focus: broad-based venture capital and advisory company dedicated to the life sciences sector.

Mohr, Davidow Ventures - Investment focus: early-stage companies with a strong information technology component.

Montreux Equity Partners - Focus: invests primarily in early-stage technology and healthcare.

Nautic Partners - Focus: private equity firm specializing in the business services, healthcare, manufacturing, media and information, and telecommunications services industries.

New Tech Financing - Focus: companies with revolutionary technology that is ready for commercialization.

Newbury Ventures - Equity capital firm specializes in communications and information technology industries.

newman capital group - private equity investment firm - Focus: investment capital for growth, acquisitions, recapitalizations and buyouts of manufactured homes, golf and leisure businesses.

Oak Point Partners - Focus: Profitable companies with less than $15MM in revenues in niche markets.

Odyssey Capital Group - Focus: equity investments in real estate, leveraged buy-outs and growth companies.

Onset Ventures - Investment focus: startups in information, communications and medical technologies.

ORESA Ventures - Investment focus: companies in the consumer goods, retailing and distribution, health care and pharmaceutical sectors in Central and Eastern Europe.

Oxford Bioscience Partners - Focus: equity financing and management assistance to start-up and early-stage companies in the bioscience and healthcare industries.

Pacesetter Capital Group - Specializing in venture financing, leveraged buyouts, growth financing. Focus on broadcasting, technology infrastructure, and manufacturing and services. Features protfolio and links to resources.

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