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Allegiance Fund - Utilizes negative screens. Avoids companies involved in the alcohol, gambling, tobacco and certain health care industries. United States.

Amana Mutual Funds Trust - Family of religious-based funds incorporating Shari'ah-based Islamic principles. United States.

Ariel Mutual Funds - Fund family employing ethical business practices and other screens. Minority owned and operated management company. United States.

Azzad Funds - Family of religious-based funds incorporating Shari'ah-based (Islamic) principles. United States.

Calvert Group - Provides mutual funds that invest in socially and environmentally responsible companies.

Catholic Funds, Inc. - An S&P 500 index fund that screens out companies that do not adhere to Catholic values. The Funds also advocate for corporate responsibility. United States.

Citizens Funds - Family of broadly screened funds. Involved in shareholder advocacy and activism campaigns with their holdings. United States.

CRA Qualified Investment Fund - Institutional fund invests according to the Community Reinvestment Act guidelines. United States.

Domini Social Investments - Family of SRI funds including an index fund. Utilizes screening, shareholder activism, and community investing. United States.

Dreyfus Premier Third Century Fund, Inc. - Traditional fund family offering a SRI fund that incorporates limited general screening. United States.

Ethical Funds of Canada - Family of mutual funds with some products aimed specifically for Canadian citizens and other products for investors in various geographic areas. Canada.

Flex-funds: The Total Return Utilities Fund - Utility sector fund with an explicit non-nuclear screen. United States.

Free Enterprise Action Fund - Anti corporate social responsibility, single-bottom-line only, conservative activist mutual fund. United States

Green Century Funds - Mutual funds founded, managed, and owned by a partnership of non-profit environmental organizations. United States.

Meritas Mutual Funds - Fund family incorporating Mennonite values. Utilizes screening, shareholder advocacy, and community investing. Canada.

Monaco Environment Development Durable - Sustainability fund of funds managed by Credit Agricole Asset Management of France. Monaco.

New Alternatives Fund - Environmentally screened fund specializing in alternative energy, recycling, and energy conservation issues. United States.

Parnassus Investments - Parnassus Mutual Funds - Mutual funds that invest in undervalued companies with good business practices. United States.

Pax World Funds - Family of SRI funds utilizing general social and environmental screens, shareholder activism, and community investing. United States

Portfolio 21 - Global fund utilizing sustainability SRI principles. United States.

Real Assets - Funds and managed products incorporating screening and shareholder activism approaches. Canada.

Security Social Awareness Fund - Family of traditional funds offering one SRI fund. Available as separate mutual fund or inside a variable annuity. United States.

Sierra Club Mutual Funds - Fund group investing in companies that meet Sierra Club's environmental and social guidelines. Incorporates screening and 'best-in-class' strategies. United States.

The Diversity Fund - Equity investments in large U.S. companies selected for inclusion because they have financial and diversity performance. United States

The Women's Equity Mutual Fund - Invests in companies that advance the social and economic status of women in the workplace. United States.

Timothy Plan - Fund family based on a set of Christian biblical religious values. United States.

Zegora Investment Management Ltd. - SRI funds available to institutional investors with professional treasury capacity. The company is based in Zurich, Switzerland and was launched in 2005.

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