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AI-Trader - Artificial intelligence trading systems for US stocks. Daily buy / sell overview.

Analyze Indices - Technical analysis of the market and industry indices. Daily list of bullish and bearish stocks.

Arthus Analysis, - Free world financial markets forecast with technical analysis using elliot wave theory and custom indicators.

ASK Research - Free stock and mutual fund charts, updated continuously during the trading day. Technical analysis, watch lists, and market data.

Astrikos Trading Services - Focused on short term trading of stocks and S&P 500. Options analysis and cumulative tick volume charts, astrological cycles and technical analysis.

BBSP Technical Analysis - Forecasting financial markets using the evolution of past and present market prices. - Email newsletter format covering all markets with a focus on opportunities in the precious metals.

BigCharts - Interactive online charting service giving free and unlimited access to charts, reports, indicators, and quotes on 22,700 US stocks, mutual funds, and major market indices.

Bollinger Bands - John Bollinger offers a comprehensive tutorial on Bollinger Bands. Weekly commentary is updated every Friday afternoon.

Calendar Research, Inc. - Technical analysis and research focused on the time dimension. Identify periods of emotional excess where mob psychology is manifest in fear and greed, and changes in financial trends are more likely. - An offbeat look at the markets through technical and cyclical analysis, and a cynical eye. Not just the same old bull.

Chart - Trading advice and technical analysis of the Indian stock market.

ClearStation - Technical charting, quotes, and market news. Heavy use of MACD, slow stochastics and exponential moving averages. Registering provides access to portfolio features a large investing community.

Coberly Market Analysis - Technical analysis on corn, soybeans, wheat, live cattle, crude, and natural gas. Utilizing Elliot waves, Gann lines and stochastics.

Daniel L. Chesler, CMT, CTA - Provides technical market research and trading recommendations for professional traders and risk managers. Markets covered: Agricultural, Energy, Financial and Forex. Technical analysis and trading ideas.

Data Shaping Solutions, LLC - Offers statistical models and algorithms. Products include trading systems and auditing services.

Decision Point - Large collection of free technical analysis materials. Live interactive and long term charts.

DeepInsight - Stock technical analysis and trading system based on advanced artificial intelligence - Resource for individual investors looking to learn more about investing, technical analysis, and charting. - A site for traders who want to improve trading with this recently revealed Japanese charting technique, known also as modified candlesticks. Free daily Heikin-ashi charts and analysis are available.

Fund and Stock Prediction, LLC - Provides short-term forward predictions of stock and fund trend channels, their potential price paths and trading indicators.

Getfolio Index Strategy - Money management system evaluating stocks mathematically for technical, fundamental, sector timing and risk analysis based on a proprietary system.

Hard Right Edge - Technical analysis and trading education courses, tools, resources, original strategies and stock charts. - Japanese candlestick chart analysis.

Interactive online charting service - Interactive streaming charts and quotes on stocks, currencies, and major market indices. - Free tools for measuring and analyzing the performance of research for both institutions and individual investors.

Investment Enhancing Systems, Inc - Stock market and covered call option analysis.

InvestorTech - Provides online technical analysis, interactive java charts, stock finder, and market reports.

iSigma Systems - Providing information on market timing, diversification and risk management using technical analysis and quantitative methods. - Generate candlestick charts and indicator scans on over 20,000 stocks. Daily top 25 bullish and bearish indicators.

Lombard Street Research - Macroeconomic analysis of major world markets: Broad money, interest rates, inflation, bond yields, Forex, asset allocation, and fixed income

Market Gauge - Technical analysis of stocks by markets, sectors, and industry groups along with commentary.

MarketFlow - Parabolic graphs of various commodities and stock indices to project trends. - Uses advanced mathematical formulas drawn from basic life principles, human behavior and science to uncover trends, cycles and rhythms of the market.

MarketTrak - Free stock market forecasts based on neural networks and genetic algorithms. Updated weekly.

MarketVolume - Volume based market timing for QQQ trading, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 indexes

MJT Interpreted Graphs - Interpreted financial graphics on stock, forex, and commodities.

NexTrend Trading - Fully integrated market information and professional technical analysis.

OEX Trader - Provides technical and cycle analysis using proprietary market timing indicators. Includes daily stock market commentary, quotes and charts, put/call ratios and price projections. Subscription required for full access.

OEX Trading Resources - Offers charts and technical analysis of OEX, Dow 30, 30 day Treasuries, and other indices. Some content by subscription only.

Olsen Research Library - Ongoing development of the field of high-frequency finance. Growing body of research demonstrating patterns of persistent predictability in the financial markets.

PRISM Trading Advisors, Inc. - Proprietary trading systems, technical analysis for institutional and professional traders.

Redtower Research - Technical analysis and market reports for investment and risk decisions.

RiskGrades - Provides investors with tools to assess the risk of their financial assets and portfolios.

Robert Colby - Author and investment manager shares his technical views on the markets.

Sand Spring Advisors LLC - Analysis of global financial trends and advice on alternative investment management. Analytical work includes a strong emphasis on the techniques of R.N. Elliott and Leonardo Fibonacci.

Short Term Trading Analysis - Statistical approach to the stock market analysis. Trading strategies. Theory of trading. Daily list of potentially bullish and bearish stocks.

Stock - Automated technical analysis and research.

Stock Guru - Charting and medium term technical analysis software for stock trading.

Stock Market Studio - Verify how technical analysis works on historical data. Free technical analysis, stock market charts and trend forecast.

Stock Picks System - Stock picking system combining technical, fundamental and sector analysis.

Stock Technical Analysis - Technical analysis techniques such as candlestick charting, fibonacci numbers, volume analysis and market indicators explained and exploited.

Stockcube Research - Independent financial research.

Technistock - Offers technical analysis of the Philippine Stock Exchange data.

The Buchanan and Co. - Technical analysis of the Forex market, stock indices, crude oil and options.

The Chart Store - Offers a reference library of historical charts of financial and commodity markets, economics, business cycles and other areas of interest.

Tools for Technical Analysis - Offers detailed explanations of technical analysis, Elliot wave theory, and charting. Also includes formulae for Magic Explorer. Content in English and Turkish. - A resource for technical analysis. Articles, message boards, newsletter. - Technical analysis stock pattern search, forecast, fundamental analysis, market neutral pairtrade strategy.

Trend Advisor - Technical analysis for stock market investing. Information and newsletters on trends, patterns, indicators, and trading for option, short term and day. - Chart patterns, trends, waves and technical analysis. - Stock market forecast, based upon technical analysis.

Vector 2000 Stock Systems - Advanced technical analysis utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques to provide insight into short term trends.

Wealth-Lab - Online community dedicated to technical analysis of financial markets. Create and share trading systems. Top trading system ranked weekly.

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