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Advantage Systems - Professional futures and stocks trading systems for Metastock! - Artificial intelligence based capital markets expert system.

Australian Investment Advice - Stock Market Investment Advice for Medium to Long Term Buy & Hold ASX Share Investors.

Automatic Investment Management - AIM model for managing the risk of equity investing.

Barrie and Hibbert - Provider of market risk management models and consultancy advice to financial institutions (large life offices, reinsurers and pension funds) across the UK and Europe.

Behavioral Finance and Stock Valuation - Extensive information on Behavioral Finance, including a 400+ keywords glossary and a stock valuation method using the Stock Image concept, are provided in this site.

Behavioral Finance Investment Model - Research paper describing an investment strategy for exploiting the 'buy on the rumor, sell on the news' phenomenon in the financial markets.

Behavioural Finance - Compilation of academic papers.

Bit Economics - Offering 9dimensions enterprise portfolio management, a patented method and software for optimizing all business investments in people, process and technology. - A market timing website - A website devoted to the strategy of market timing and it also includes realtime trades, track records and trade archives.

Crest S&P 500 Automatic Trading System - S&P500 stock trading system using genetic algorithms.

CrossProfit - Fundamental analysis and free self managed investment system. New private clients accepted by referral or email introduction.

Crowther Investment - Boston based global quantitative equity investment process, technology and marketing consultancy.

Falcon Penny Stocks - Providing weekly penny stock picks as well as penny stock research, investing news, and education.

Finance Models - Provides detailed analysis of profitable stock market trading and investment models.

FrozenOJ - Market Forecasting Analysis Forum - An academic research site and forum dedicated to stock market forecasting.

FundSpectrum - The objective of FundSpectrum is to provide market information and a Timing Signal to optimize annual returns and minimize risk in Mutual Fund and Stock investments.

Global Market Timing Newsletter - Market timing experts that offer a global market timing newsletter and signals for world's stock indexes.

Hottinger's E-Zone Signals - Get forward projections of Exit and Entry Zones for all stocks and mutual funds. Updates nitely, tracks your portfolio, sends e-mail alerts, has a free trial.

Intelli-Timer - Provides market timing signals for mutual fund investors, QQQ and index traders.

IntelliTrades - Swing Trading System - Provides a swing trading methodology for selecting stocks that are on the brink of large moves up or down.

Invest In Value - Screening international stock markets with Benjamin Graham methodology.

Investment Models, Inc. - Specializes in stock market timing designed for funds by using technical analysis timing models.

K.T. Short Term Timing Model - The trading model represents short term timing for index funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Kenton K. Yee - List of professional and academic articles about value investing and equity valuation. Articles may be downloaded completely free of charge.

Mainscale APS - Scale Trading Newsletter - A scale trading newsletter for stocks.

Mark Suarez - Provides investment models, equity technical analysis, global investments and other research papers.

Market Signal Systems LLC - Market timing signals for QQQ and Index Mutual Funds.

Market timing & Trading System - HighValue Trading - Market timing signals for Nasdaq index funds QQQQ, Rydex, Profunds.

Market timing signals by - Provides market timing signals for index, sector and country Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

Marketpolygraph ETF Market Timing - Provider of proprietary market timing research for private and professional investors who receive trading signals for specific exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Mojena Market Timing - Market timing model that detects changes in the direction of stock market.

Mountain View Analytics - Offering portfolio return enhancement tools and services using Tom Cover's Universal Portfolio.

Mutual Fund Investing Trading and Market Timing - Models and strategies for trading and timing Rydex Sector and Index Funds using multi-indicator system designed specifically for mutual fund investing

MVP Signal System for market timing - Describes an intermediate term market timing system.

MyTradingSystem - Stock trading system offering investment trend following strategies.

Options Straddles Trade Tool - provides members with a list of recommended stocks to trade using options straddle. Our trading system is primarily focused on option straddle, a well-known trading method within the investment community.

Original Turtle Trader Russell Sands - Offering a trading method for futures and commodities.

PhaseInvesting - Behavioural approach to constructing multi-product, multi-vehicle, investment portfolios.

Portfolio123 - Offers quantitative tools to backtest trading systems, and to automatically create and manage stock portfolios. Ranking Systems can be created using fundamental and technical factors.

Position Cost Averaging Stock Investing System - Risk management trading system software for long term investors generating strategic buy and sell signals on stocks.

Prime Market Signal - Stock market timing system with free trend timing trial subscription newsletter: NASDAQ, QQQQ, SPY, EFT's or Index Funds.

PsiTrade Investor Services - PsiTrade provides daily stock market timing signals.

QQQ Trading System - Offers buy and sell signals for Nasdaq 100 index trading stock.

Quantext: Quantitative Modeling for Trading and Risk Management - Quantext develops quantitative models for decision support in trading and risk management. This site provides general information and access to Bellwether, an outlook for stock performance.

Quantitative Analysis Service - Investment Research Services for global financial markets to institutional investors worldwide. Our key inputs include Proprietary Price Momentum, Demand and Supply Curves.

Quantitative equity trading systems - Long/short equity trading systems for institutional and individual investors.

Quantitative Investments - Provide quantitative investment software which creates stock alphas or equity signals from an expected return factor model.

Quantitative Services Group - QSG provides investment research and software to institutional investors.

Rebound Trading Systems - Three systems for trading Emini NASDAQ contract. Four Mutual Fund trading systems for No Load, Rydex, ETF's and Fidelity Select Funds.

Scarecrow Trading - Mutual Fund and index based timing service for investors. Provides Buy, Sell, and Short signals for investments. Customized 401K support for large corporate offerings.

Seasonal Stock Investment Tools - Online seasonal stock tools indicating which stock to buy when. Provides historical price analysis.

Short selling strategies - ShortPicks is a comprehensive and impartial resource for investors and traders interested in overpriced stocks. We feature stocks that, in our opinion, are likely to experience future decreases in value, constituting sound ideas for short selling.

SignalTrend - Provides market timing signals for broad stock market indexes based on a 100 year back-test of a proprietary stock market timing system.

Sniper Market Timing - Market timing signals for bonds and stocks

Stock Market Investing Insights via Artificial Intelligence - A stock market investment method based on trend following. - Provides daily stock market recommendations and advice to individual investors. Covers NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ issues. Not for day traders or buy and hold investors. Buy and sell advice for individual stocks delivered daily via the Internet. - Mechanical stock market timing system that uses technical analysis to trade Exchange Traded Funds.

T Theory Foundation - Investment timing model based on 30 year US Treasury bond yields.

The Benjamin Graham Value Report - Using guidelines for value investing set down by the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham.

The Cattle Trader Trading System - A systematic approach to investing in cattle futures.

The Free Financial Market Trend Timing Report - The FFMTT is a tentative to demonstrate that one can achieve successful trading/investment based on a mathematical model.

The Trading System Store - Trading System Store featuring Abalone, a fully disclosed totally mechanical multi market commodities Futures trading system. - Provides index market timing and stock market timing services to US and global market investors.

TradeTimer - Timing signals for trading the NASDAQ-100 index. Signals are generated through analysis of price, volume, and other broad-market correlations.

Ultimate Stock trading system - S&P 500 equity stock trading system provides individual stock analysis and a free stock analyzer.

Valuatum - Offers software for company valuation and for equity broker research.

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