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Association for Payment Clearing Services - Information about UK money transmission, payments and clearings.

Australian Payments Clearing Association - APCA manages Australian payments clearing and settlement systems, policies, regulations and procedures.

Canadian Payments Association - Contains the rules used by Canadian deposit-taking financial institutions for clearing cheques and for electronic payments.

Clearing House Inter-Bank Payments System - A subsidiary of the New York Clearing House, CHIPS is a bank-owned competitor to FedWire.

Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems - The secretariat of the CPSS at the BIS.

Electronic Payment Services Company - Consortium of major banks in Hong Kong dedicated to the use of electronic fund transfers to reduce cash and cheque transactions.

Electronic Payments Network - Private Automated Clearing House Operator owned and governed by financial institutions that provides processing services for all types of financial institutions.

European Payments Council - Working towards a single payment area in the EU or in the eurozone.

South Africa - Payments Association of South Africa - Providing a safe and sound payment system to the whole South African banking community.

SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication supplies secure messaging services and interface software to wholesale financial entities.

Swiss Euro Clearing Bank - Connects euroSIC, the clearing system for payments in Euro in Switzerland, to TARGET.

Swiss Interbank Clearing - The central CHF payment system.

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