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Advisor Online - Independent site dedicated to Vanguard mutual fund investments. - Ron Rowland's newsletter uses style rotation to make fund recommendations.

Benchark Alert - Opinions on issues in the investment management industry, published monthly.

Bob Brinker's Marketimer - Monthly stock market timing and no-load mutual fund investment letter.

Equity Fund Outlook - Focuses on growth funds on a non-timing basis; published monthly. - Newsletter uses Fibonacci ratios to time the market; published twice monthly.

Fidelity Monitor - Independent advisory service for Fidelity investors

Fidelity Timer - Selects and times the purchase and sale of Fidelity Select funds. Buy/sell signals are emailed to subscribers every Saturday. - Free mutual fund articles, expert Q&A, market timing signals, calculators and no-load information.

Fundbuster - Offers a number of trading systems for different levels of risk. - Features model portfolios trading several types of no load mutual funds, including Fidelity and Fidelity Select funds.

Index Rx - Uses a market timing/asset allocation model to recommend index funds to its clients. - Subscription based timing newsletter focused on S&P 500 and NDX trading. - Free trial NASDAQ and U.S. Market timing systems. Six mutual fund portfolios. Daily e-mail newsletter.

Mutual Fund Prospector - Monthly newsletter for independent mutual fund investors. Model portfolio and detailed performance data from 40 fund families.

Mutual Fund Trader - Provides daily signals for trading index mutual funds such as the active index funds. - Charlie Hooper's newsletter offers weekly fund timing for various markets. - Offers mutual fund timing signals for the Profunds family and Rydex Funds.

No-Load Fund Analyst - Monthly. Provides analysis of financial markets and mutual funds.

NoLoad FundX - Paid subscribers get fund rankings and commentary from Janet Brown twice a month.

On The Money - A newsletter for active mutual fund investors.

Programmes for Wealth International - Research and guidance on offshore funds, plus investment management guidance and market summaries.

ScotiaMcLeod Mutual Fund Reporter - Canada's oldest free mutual fund newsletter; Published monthly by the Scotia Bank family.

The Idiot Wave - Tom Veale offers weekly insights into Robert Lichello's AIM investing system.

The No-Load Fund Investor - Newsletter published monthly by Sheldon Jacobs. Each issue contains updated performance data on hundreds of no-load funds.

The Prime Times Investor - Offers over 100 different mutual fund family newsletters.

The Select Investor - Focuses on using Fidelity's sector funds, includes commentary and four portfolios. - Timing newsletter for index funds and stock index shares such as QQQ and SPY.

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