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DFL Financial Services S.A. - Futures, options and forex operations, asset and liquidity management. Lugano, Switzerland.

Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc. - Provides separately managed investment portfolios for individuals and institutional clients, serves as the advisor to Diamond Hill mutual funds.

Dion Money Management - Provides mutual fund based money management to larger investors.

Dominick & Dominick LLC - Wealth management and investment services. Services private clients as well as institutional investors. New York, NY, USA.

Dominion Partners, L.C. - Specializing in mergers and acquisitions and capital raising.

Dorfman Investments - Offers money management services, specializing in equity value investments.

Drake Management LLC - An SEC registered investment advisor focusing on managing fixed income portfolios for investors worldwide.

Draupnir LLC - A private equity investment firm specializing in negotiated investments.

Dresner Financial Planning - Specializes in financial planning, contract negotiation, tax preparation, and investment advice for Clergy.

Driehaus Capital Management, Inc. - Our specialty is domestic and international aggressive growth investing.

DSM Capital Partners LLC Investment Group - Offers money and asset management, investment advisory.

E1 Asset Management, Inc. - Serving both institutional and individual clients domestically and internationally. New York, NY, USA.

Eads and Heald Investment Counsel - Professional portfolio management for ERISA accounts, pension plans, profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, IRA's, family limited partnerships, trust accounts, and taxable portfolios.

Eagle Global Advisors - Offers investment management services. Specializes in equity and fixed income securities.

Earnest Partners, LLC - Investment products including large-cap value, small-cap, balanced, and core fixed income.

ECM Capital Management - Registered investment advisor and a growth stock management company.

EconoStrat Advisory Corp. - Independent, registered investment adviser providing personalized financial planning and investment management services.

Efficient Market Advisors, LLC - Specializing in IRA or 401k rollover accounts. Investing lessons, calculators, educational presentations. San Diego, CA, USA.

Efficient Portfolio Advisors - Offering institutional investment advice and pricing to individuals.

EhrenTrend Capital Management - Providing capital management services in global financial markets, using proprietary quantitative algorithms.

ELCO Management Company, LLC. - Offers investment solutions for high net worth individuals and institutions. Manages two specialized energy funds.

Ellen Dean Financial Consultant - Primary services are family financial planning, risk management, asset allocation, client education and customer service.

Elysium Wealth Management - Personalized investment strategies designed to meet the wealth objectives of you and your family.

Emerald Capital Management - Private money manager and separate account portfolio manager specializing in asset management using quantitative methods to optimize portfolios of domestic stocks.

Emerson Investment Management - Emerson Investment Management, Inc, is a Boston based investment-management firm with clients throughout the United States. Founded in 1985, the firm is dedicated to the management of separate portfolios using individual securities.

Emil K. Everett - Investment Advisor, LLC - Offers asset management and investment advisory services.

Enhanced Security Planning Inc. - Specializes in conservative investments and insurance products.

Ensemble Capital Management, LLC - Provides families both traditional investment management and a specialized approach to advancing philanthropic interests.

EnTrust Capital - Independent firm specializing in management of equity and fixed-income assets for wealthy individuals, families, and organizations.

Equity Trustees - Funds management, investment,and superannuation.

Ethos Advisory Services - Providing asset management services to institutional and private investors.

Evanson Asset Management - Specializes in index and passive investment management, and offers a unique low-cost management fee structure with fixed annual retainer fees.

Excalibur Management Corporation - Manages investment assets for high net worth individuals, families, trusts and estates.

ExeTrust Asset Management Co.,Ltd. - An intermediator to Japanese money managers / fund distributors.

F.L. Putnam - Independent investment counseling firm providing.

Farr, Miller and Washington, LLC - Specializing in long-term portfolio management for individuals and institutions. Washington, D.C.

Fauchier Partners - Manages customized portfolios of alternative investment and hedge funds. Features company's profile and contact details.

Fenimore Asset Management, Inc. - Investments for high net worth individuals, retirement plans, trusts, endowments, foundations, and Taft-Hartley accounts.

Fidelity Capital Management. - Provides comprehensive financial planning services, including estate, retirement,and business continuity planning.

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management - Investment management sales and client services to institutions.

Fiduciary Asset Management, LLC - A registered investment adviser offering a range of equity and fixed income strategies for institutional and private clients.

Fiduciary Capital Management, Inc. - Provides institutional clients with stable value investment management services.

Fiduciary Financial Services - Managing assets for cities, professional associations, corporations and individuals.

Fiduciary Management Associates, Inc. - Offering large cap, small cap, and fixed income products.

Field Stone Financial - Full service financial management firm.

Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC - Serving institutional investors and high net worth individuals, principally in high yield structured real estate investments.

Financial & Investment Management Advisors, Inc. - Provides fee-based financial planning and investment management services to individuals, retirement plans and corportations.

Financial Advisors, Inc. - Provides information and services to both financial advisors and investors in US.

Financial Counselors of Virginia - Fee-only registered investment advisor based in Portsmouth, VA. Planning and investment publications, stock quotes and web links.

Financial Planning Associates, Inc. - A Registered Investment Adviser specializing in strategic asset allocation and personal financial planning services, including retirement planning.

Financial Services Advisory, Inc. - An registered investment advisory company in Silver Spring, MD.

Finsuper - Provides employees of the finance and insurance industry with low cost, high performance superannuation.

Finway Investment Advisors - Investment advisors specilising in structuring private clients wealth world wide.

Firstcall India Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd. - Offering private equity advisory and investment banking services. Mumbai, India.

FISN, Inc - Investment manager specializing in securities protected by the U.S. government.

FLC Capital Advisors - Provides financial and retirement planning, asset management and tax planning.

Fletcher Asset Management Inc - Registered Investment Advisor.

Flippin, Bruce and Porter, Inc. - Offers equity and balanced portfolio investment money management for institutional and individual investors through separate accounts, mutual funds and sub-advisory programs.

Flynn Zito Capital Management - Investment advisor offers services for the individual investor.

Focus Financial Consultants - Fee-only financial planning and investment management services by CPA's and CFP's.

Forest Investment - Registered Investment Adviser providing investment management services for institutional investors in timberland.

Fortney Investment Advisors, Inc. - Providing investment advisory services to individuals and retirement accounts.

Forum Capital Partners LLC - Private equity firm providing management and advisory services to our investment partners and investors worldwide.

Frank Capital Partners LLC - Provides investment management services for a mutual fund and privately managed accounts.

Franklin Park Associates, LLC - Provides private equity investment and portfolio advisory services to institutional investors. Features publications and contact details.

Freestone Capital Management - Investing, wealth management.

Future Funds Pty Ltd - Provides superannuation, retirement and investment advice to clients in Australia from Sydney to Perth.

GA Bishop and Associates, LLC - Provides as-needed financial planning services and advice to people and small businesses.

GED and Associates, LLC - A full service fee only investment advisory firm. Providing portfolio management and financial planning services.

Geller Capital Management - Registered investment advisor, managing domestic equity, options and fixed income portfolios for high net worth, corporate and institutional investors.

Gerstein, Fisher & Associates, Inc. - Fee based investment management firm located in New York. Wealth management strategies and a full line of financial planning services.

GF Geneva Finance SA - An asset management company. Proposes a variety of managed investment strategies as well as individually tailored portfolios. Additional services like trusts and foundations, portfolio analysis etc. are also available.

GFC Capital - Stock advisory, international arbitrage to high net-worth individuals.

GLB Group - Fee-only investment advisory specializing in building and managing growth-oriented equity portfolios.

Global Trends Investments - A registered investment advisor working with individual and corporate clients.

GlobalBridge Inc. - GlobalBridge Professional Portfolio, featuring professional money managers from the U.S.

Gluskin Sheff and Associates - Wealth management for high net worth individuals.

Godsey and Gibb Associates Investment Counsel - Personalized investment management for individuals, corporations and foundations. - Financial services to the individual and small business investor. Complete financial planning and employee benefits packages.

Golberg Lindsay and Co. LLC - Provides money management services. Specializing in equity investments.

Gold Leaf Capital Management, Inc. - Fee-only, independent money management firm specializing in capital preservation investments and focused on IRAs, IRA rollovers, retirement and estate planning.

Golden Gate Financial Group LLC - Registered advisor and Broker-Dealer providing investment management services to high net worth individuals. San Francisco, California, United States.

Gould Asset Management - Specializing in disciplined, quantitative investment strategies and employing a globally diversified range of asset classes.

Grayeli Investment Management - Registered investment advisory company providing personalized discretionary investment management services to individuals, foundations and corporations.

Grecu Capital Management, Inc. - Independent money management firm offering service to individual and institutional clients.

Green Investment Management - Registered investment advisor.

Green Park Capital - A global private equity secondaries fund management company purchasing illiquid assets from original investors.

Greenberg Financial Group - Licensed a securities broker/dealer as well as an insurance agency. Portfolio management, investment consultation and advisory services.

Greenville Capital Management - Specializes in the management of small capitalization growth equities.

Greystone Financial Advisors, LLC - An independent, fee-only investment advisor specializing in wealth management, financial and retirement planning.

Griffin Capital Management - Investment products focusing on Europe, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Gross Capital Associates - Provides investor and public relations for publicly traded companies.

Grovewwod Financial Management - Financial advice within the UK. Ability to buy online.

Grunden Financial Advisory, Inc. - Provides investment advice and asset management services using the Age 100 Growth Plan.

Gualario & Co., LLC - A Registered Investment Advisor that manages a variety of institutional and individual investment accounts. Specializes in equity and options strategies.

Guardian Capital Inc. - Providing segregated and pooled fund services to institutional and retail clients. Offers balanced, equity, fixed-income, U.S., International and Global mandates.

Guardian Capital LP - Providing segregated and pooled fund services to institutional and retail clients, offering balanced, equity, fixed-income, U.S., international and Global mandates.

GW Capital, Inc. home page - Institutionally focused investment management boutique specializing in small-cap equity and blended high-yield fixed income. Located in Bellevue, Washington.

Haberer Investment Advisor - Private and corporate account management. Current positions and opinions on the US stock markets.

Halberstadt Financial Consultants, Inc. - Princeton, New Jersey based investment advisors. Specializes in financial planning, investment asset management, and risk tolerance analysis.

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