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Fenimore Asset Management, Inc. - Investments for high net worth individuals, retirement plans, trusts, endowments, foundations, and Taft-Hartley accounts.

Fidelity Capital Management. - Provides comprehensive financial planning services, including estate, retirement,and business continuity planning.

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management - Investment management sales and client services to institutions.

Fiduciary Asset Management, LLC - A registered investment adviser offering a range of equity and fixed income strategies for institutional and private clients.

Fiduciary Capital Management, Inc. - Provides institutional clients with stable value investment management services.

Fiduciary Financial Services - Managing assets for cities, professional associations, corporations and individuals.

Fiduciary Management Associates, Inc. - Offering large cap, small cap, and fixed income products.

Field Stone Financial - Full service financial management firm.

Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC - Serving institutional investors and high net worth individuals, principally in high yield structured real estate investments.

Financial & Investment Management Advisors, Inc. - Provides fee-based financial planning and investment management services to individuals, retirement plans and corportations.

Financial Advisors, Inc. - Provides information and services to both financial advisors and investors in US.

Financial Counselors of Virginia - Fee-only registered investment advisor based in Portsmouth, VA. Planning and investment publications, stock quotes and web links.

Financial Planning Associates, Inc. - A Registered Investment Adviser specializing in strategic asset allocation and personal financial planning services, including retirement planning.

Financial Services Advisory, Inc. - An registered investment advisory company in Silver Spring, MD.

Finway Investment Advisors - Investment advisors specilising in structuring private clients wealth world wide.

Firstcall India Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd. - Offering private equity advisory and investment banking services. Mumbai, India.

FISN, Inc - Investment manager specializing in securities protected by the U.S. government.

FLC Capital Advisors - Provides financial and retirement planning, asset management and tax planning.

Fletcher Asset Management Inc - Registered Investment Advisor.

Flippin, Bruce and Porter, Inc. - Offers equity and balanced portfolio investment money management for institutional and individual investors through separate accounts, mutual funds and sub-advisory programs.

Flynn Zito Capital Management - Investment advisor offers services for the individual investor.

Forest Investment - Registered Investment Adviser providing investment management services for institutional investors in timberland.

Fortney Investment Advisors, Inc. - Providing investment advisory services to individuals and retirement accounts.

Forum Capital Partners LLC - Private equity firm providing management and advisory services to our investment partners and investors worldwide.

Frank Capital Partners LLC - Provides investment management services for a mutual fund and privately managed accounts.

Franklin Park Associates, LLC - Provides private equity investment and portfolio advisory services to institutional investors. Features publications and contact details.

Freestone Capital Management - Investing, wealth management.

Future Funds Pty Ltd - Provides superannuation, retirement and investment advice to clients in Australia from Sydney to Perth.

GA Bishop and Associates, LLC - Provides as-needed financial planning services and advice to people and small businesses.

GED and Associates, LLC - A full service fee only investment advisory firm. Providing portfolio management and financial planning services.

Geller Capital Management - Registered investment advisor, managing domestic equity, options and fixed income portfolios for high net worth, corporate and institutional investors.

Gerstein, Fisher & Associates, Inc. - Fee based investment management firm located in New York. Wealth management strategies and a full line of financial planning services.

GF Geneva Finance SA - An asset management company. Proposes a variety of managed investment strategies as well as individually tailored portfolios. Additional services like trusts and foundations, portfolio analysis etc. are also available.

GLB Group - Fee-only investment advisory specializing in building and managing growth-oriented equity portfolios.

GlobalBridge Inc. - GlobalBridge Professional Portfolio, featuring professional money managers from the U.S.

Gluskin Sheff and Associates - Wealth management for high net worth individuals.

Godsey and Gibb Associates Investment Counsel - Personalized investment management for individuals, corporations and foundations. - Financial services to the individual and small business investor. Complete financial planning and employee benefits packages.

Golberg Lindsay and Co. LLC - Provides money management services. Specializing in equity investments.

Gold Leaf Capital Management, Inc. - Fee-only, independent money management firm specializing in capital preservation investments and focused on IRAs, IRA rollovers, retirement and estate planning.

Golden Gate Financial Group LLC - Registered advisor and Broker-Dealer providing investment management services to high net worth individuals. San Francisco, California, United States.

Gould Asset Management - Specializing in disciplined, quantitative investment strategies and employing a globally diversified range of asset classes.

Grayeli Investment Management - Registered investment advisory company providing personalized discretionary investment management services to individuals, foundations and corporations.

Grecu Capital Management, Inc. - Independent money management firm offering service to individual and institutional clients.

Green Investment Management - Registered investment advisor.

Green Park Capital - A global private equity secondaries fund management company purchasing illiquid assets from original investors.

Greenberg Financial Group - Licensed a securities broker/dealer as well as an insurance agency. Portfolio management, investment consultation and advisory services.

Greenville Capital Management - Specializes in the management of small capitalization growth equities.

Greystone Financial Advisors, LLC - An independent, fee-only investment advisor specializing in wealth management, financial and retirement planning.

Griffin Capital Management - Investment products focusing on Europe, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Gross Capital Associates - Provides investor and public relations for publicly traded companies.

Grunden Financial Advisory, Inc. - Provides investment advice and asset management services using the Age 100 Growth Plan.

Gualario & Co., LLC - A Registered Investment Advisor that manages a variety of institutional and individual investment accounts. Specializes in equity and options strategies.

Guardian Capital Inc. - Providing segregated and pooled fund services to institutional and retail clients. Offers balanced, equity, fixed-income, U.S., International and Global mandates.

Guardian Capital LP - Providing segregated and pooled fund services to institutional and retail clients, offering balanced, equity, fixed-income, U.S., international and Global mandates.

GW Capital, Inc. home page - Institutionally focused investment management boutique specializing in small-cap equity and blended high-yield fixed income. Located in Bellevue, Washington.

Haberer Investment Advisor - Private and corporate account management. Current positions and opinions on the US stock markets.

Halberstadt Financial Consultants, Inc. - Princeton, New Jersey based investment advisors. Specializes in financial planning, investment asset management, and risk tolerance analysis.

Hamilton Advisors - Independent investment advisor located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Clients include individuals, IRAs, pension plans, profit sharing plans, trusts and estates.

Hammer Capital Management, Inc. - SEC registered investment advisor providing services to high net worth individuals, pensions and profit sharing plans.

Harold C. Brown & Co., Inc. - Online - Investment objectives implemented with consistency and persistence.

Harold Davidson & Associates, Inc. - Providing independent advisory services.

Harper Bernays - Independent investment manager specializing in Australian equities.

Hartford Investment Management Company - Investment advisory services to institutional clients including retirement plans, insurance companies and mutual fund companies.

Hatton Consulting, Inc. - Offering financial planning, retirement consulting, risk management and estate plans.

Haven Capital Management, Inc. - Privately held, independent investment management organization.

Hawthorn - Investment consulting, reporting, fiduciary, and custody services to affluent families.

Herick Asset Management - Colorado based general securities representative specializing in TIC's. Offering securities as a registered representative of United Securities Alliance, Inc.

Heritage Finance and Trust Company - An independent financial institution specialising in asset management for private individuals and institutional investors.

Heron Capital Management, Inc. - A registered investment advisor providing fully managed investment services to a variety of clients including individuals, trusts, pension funds, 401K plans and corporations.

Hester Capital Management - Investment advisory firm dedicated to providing asset management, investment solutions and financial planning to private individuals, families, trusts and estates, charitable organizations, endowments and foundations, and retirement plans.

Hewitt Investment Advisory - Specializing in investment management and financial planning for individuals and institutions. Description of services, market commentary.

HGK Asset Management - Individual investment services and mutual funds for retirement funds of unions, corporations and individuals.

HJ Financial Group - Certified Public Accountants, business and personal financial advisors, serving high net worth clients in the Philadelphia area (USA).

Horizon Investment Services - Personal money manager.

Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management - Investment manager dedicated to a disciplined investment approach.

Hourglass Capital Management - Financial services to institutional and individual clients.

IMEPOWER Investment Group - Investment banking and advisory group specializing in utilities, privatization, capital market transactions, brokerage and project development.

Independent Capital Management, Inc. - Independent professional advice.

Independent Fiduciary Services - All aspects of pension fund investing and fiduciary decisionmaking.

Individual Asset Management, Inc. - Offers portfolio management services locally and specialized services for U.S. expatriates and non-U.S. citizens.

ING Investment Management - Provides investment management capabilities for traditional third party businesses, managed accounts, insurance assets, alternatives assets.

Inland Empire Investment Advisors - A registered investment advisory firm offering 'full-service' financial, tax, estate and tax planning.

Integre Advisors - Specializes in risk/reward investing for high net worth individuals. New York, NY, USA.

Investment Advisory Services, Inc. - No fee consultation, personalized investment services.

Investment Analytics - Quantitative analysis and hedge fund management for institutional investors.

Investment Compliance, Inc. - An independent regulatory advisory service, audit firm and Registered Investment Advisors.

Investor Solutions, Inc. - Fee-only investment advisory firm providing investment management services using index funds.

Investors Asset Management, Inc. - Manages a broad array of investment portfolios including personal accounts, both taxable and tax-deferred, trusts and charitable accounts.

Investors RouteMap - Provides advice and predictions for global asset allocation and market timing in foreign currency, global bond and stock markets. SFA regulated investment adviser.

InView Investment Management, LLC - An institutional money management company. Specializing in small cap value and small/mid cap value arenas. Chicago, Illinois, USA.

IPEX, Inc. - Provides investment consulting, asset allocation analysis and performance monitoring services.

Ironman Financial - Great Western Financial Corporation - Offers consulting and planning services offering personalized financial portfolios for wealth creation, retirement investment and tax planning.

Ivy Asset Management Corp. - Company information and part of the Bank of NY.

J. Zechner Associates Inc. - Providing institutional and private investment management services.

J.B. Hanauer & Company - Financial advising firm and brokerage, specializes in fixed income instruments. Offers descriptions of products and services, articles, and market commentary.

J.E. Wilson Advisors, LLC - Fee-only wealth management firm providing independent financial solutions since 1982.

Jacobs & Company - Advisor of the Jacobs & Company Mutual Fund (JACOX).

James Pappas Investment Counsel - Registered investment adviser.

Jamison, Eaton & Wood, Inc. - An independent investment management firm offering wealth management services to individuals, corporations, and foundations.

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