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Advanced Information Management - Adaptive data mining and risk management solutions for the analysis and prediction of financial markets. Software, consulting, and seminars.

Advanced Portfolio Technologies - APT offers statistical risk models and analytics. Integrated, multi-factor risk models include currency, country, sector and style factors as well as yield curve, fundamental, economic and user-defined factors. Available for 200,000 equities, bonds, currencies, funds, futures, and options.

Advisor Software Inc. - ASI is a provider of Wealth Management Software to the financial services industry focusing on providing tools for advisors to delivery advice and sell investments. - Online portfolio management for investment advisors, brokers, and financial planners.

Advisors Assistant - Client Relationship Management Software designed for registered reps and financial planners, tracks clients, prospects, investments, insurance, annuities, calendar, contact notes, and investment rates of return.

Alternative Software Development - Provides software for Hedge Fund portfolio creation through downside risk management.

Amateur Invest - A secure, investment and portfolio manager. Monitor historic data of specific companies and stocks, and manage your stock portfolio in terms of profits and losses. Get prices / quotes via the internet in realtime and for free.

AnalytX, Inc. - Financial management and consulting services to the private equity industry. Products include accounting and portfolio management tools.

BasketFunds - Mutual and stock portfolio management services. Product and services information provided.

Beiley Software Fund Manager - Portfolio management application for the individual investor. Track and analyze stocks, mutual funds, and other investments with easy to use graphs and reports.

Bytelogics Inc - New York full service web design and software company. Creators of Portfolix, a fixed income reporting software program.

Cainsoft, Inc. - Software developed by investment professionals, for investment professionals. Client review, portfolio analysis, and risk management solutions.

Captool Investment Software - Portfolio management software designed for professional money managers, sophisticated individual investors, and for others entrusted with managing investment assets.

Computerized Portfolio Management System - Generate long and short strategies with our proprietary ranking and screening system. Create strategies for specific industries.

Compuware, India - A comprehensive package for portfolios management and accounting.

Cornerstone Revolutions, Inc. - Portland, Oregon-based software development firm specializing in applications for financial professionals. Includes products, downloads, and services provided.

Croesus Portfolio Management System - An advanced portfolio management software solution for the securities industry.

Custom Design Software - Real estate property analysis software for real estate investors.

DataCow Technologies - Stock and mutual fund portfolio manager provides complete market information, technical indicators and forecast of indexes, stocks and mutual funds.

DRIP Wizard - Software for Win 95, 98 or NT, to track DRIP Investments. Tracks value, profits, tax consequences, and others.

DTLink Software - Personal Stock Monitor software for individual investors, helps track and manage your portfolio by providing automatic quote downloads over the Internet, flexible alerts, and links to news and charts.

DynaPorte - Dynamic asset allocation system helps you to discover the important macroeconomic and market factors that influence investment performance and adapt the asset allocation accordingly.

Efficient Solutions Inc. - Portfolio optimization software for investment professionals and sophisticated personal investors.

Electric Scorecard II - Accounting software to track commodity trades.

EM Applications - EM Applications provides an advanced factor model and tools for portfolio risk management.

Equitrend - Offers money management system with daily updates and monthly newsletter.

ESQuotes - Excel workbook for stocks and mutual funds. Download quotes directly from Internet.

eWebPortfolio - Fully functional portfolio management and accounting system that runs on the Web.

Excelquant - Develops, and sells online, investment software for Microsoft Excel. Offers consulting services for custom developed solutions.

FinancialCad - Financial instrument modeling application for Microsoft Excel. Fincad XL supplies over 700 functions to work with.

FinLab SA - Provides global fund data management system and hedge fund software.

Gravity Investments - Portfolio management software creates and presents balanced portfolios. 3-D model portfolios maximize diversification and create custom efficient portfolios using new portfolio theory. Sophisticated investors use it for sales and marketing, asset allocation and risk management.

Incom - Incom provides wealth management software and systems for personal and business investors.

Integrated Decision Systems - The IDS Suite of products are in production world-wide at top-tier banks, brokerage firms, separately managed account and wealth management advisors, securities lending environments, and prime brokerages.

InvestAhead - Wealth management software for IFAs and other finance professionals.

Investment Spy - Investor's toolkit for portfolio stock management, up-to-the minute research, hot stock picks, plus Adriane Berg's Insider's Guide to Investing. Download free demo.

Leading Market Technologies - Makers of Open Analytics, real-time or historical risk management, optimization, volatility forecasting, technical analysis, back-testing and program trading system.

Milvus Software Limited - Offers wealth management software that manages the assets of high net worth individuals, and provides for the administration and control of client's trading activities and the need for tax efficient vehicles.

My Savings Bonds - Windows based software package for maintaining savings bonds portfolios. Calculates the exact value of your savings bonds for up to 6 months at a time.

NorthStar Wealth Management Software - NorthStar's enterprise wealth management software has client prospecting, wealth planning, investment selection and implementation, client monitoring and review.

Portfolio Selection Systems - Portfolio theory, and optimization software.

Portfolio Style Analysis - Portfolio style analysis, asset allocation, risk management software and consulting services.

PortfolioScience - Provides portfolio risk analysis for individual investors.

Primafin Software AG - Portfolio management software and consulting.

Profitspi - Browser based portfolio tracker which dynamically adds time to a portfolio enabling tracking of profit performance by day, week, and month.

ProSight - Offers portfolio management software, including company information, press, support, partners and forum.

PSplus Portfolio Software and Consulting - Developers of professional portfolio management software.

QCharter Portfolio Charting Program - Windows-compatible DOS program that provides tracking and charting of portfolios of stocks and funds. Recognizes common Internet quote service formats.

QUANTIX Software Inc - Investment portfolio software for tracking of stocks, bonds, funds.

Quotes-Station Freeware - Software to track and manage investment online. Build your own personal multi screen browser.

Radix Research Ltd - Investment software for multi-currency portfolio management and technical analysis. Designed for experienced investors.

Ravenfields Software Inc. - Back office system solutions provider for Fund Companies.

Real Decisions - Real Decision's real estate software: Smart-RE geared for the corporate real estate professional. Analyze and forecast using key performance measures.

RiskData Portfolio Solutions - Real-Time desktop portfolio risk simulation and measurement solution. Monte-Carlo based risk attribution, VaR, optimization and tracking, coherent with more than 10000 risk factors correlations. - Provides Internet based enterprise wide consolidated statements and transaction level financial data for institutions and their clients.

Stock Analyzer - Stock Analyzer software is an investment record keeping system with performance measurement.

Stock Manager - Stock portfolio manager for the Palm platform featuring automatic updates of stocks at every HotSync.

SunGard Online Investment Systems - Integrated wealth management and front-office financial solutions for banks, brokerage and insurance. Solutions for CRM, portfolio management, online trading, performance measurement, financial planning, asset allocation, compliance and suitability.

Techfi - Portfolio 2000 - A complete portfolio management system for investment professionals with performance measurement and comprehensive reporting.

TradePerformance - Trade Management Software. Tool for stock market investors, offering planning, money management, record keeping and tax reporting.

Traders Edge - Canadian Investment Software. This program manages stock market investment.

Zunna, Inc. - Publishes WATS, an investment analysis software package. Focuses on long-term financial planning using historical data to validate strategies.

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