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Bankruptcy Prediction Applet - The Z-score applet allows a quick check on a company's financial health and is based on the classic z-score formula.

Bluewealth Software - Software calculators for financial, planning, stock analysis and portfolio optimization.

DailyVest - Software for investment performance measurement, portfolio analysis, asset allocation and financial calculators.

DataRevelation Inc. - Return on investment solver shareware calculator for calculating roi.

DBCOM - Software calculators for financial, investment, inflation, and statistics.

Fairmont Technology Group - Windows-based investment performance measurement software to calculate time and dollar weighted returns.

Finance Logix - Financial calculation software for investment professionals and financial advisors, featuring retirement planning, education planning, estate planning, and investment analysis.

Financial Calculators - Financial calculators such as debt management, tax planning, insurance, investments, and savings.

Financial Software Limited - Provides capital gains tax calculator software for financial services companies in the UK.

Fiscal Agents Financial Services Group - Financial tools that provide investment and planning calculators designed to assist you in exploring your financial options and opportunities.

Harmony Business Solutions - Calculates the disallowed losses due to the wash sale rule covered under Internal Revenue Code Sec. 1091(a).

HedgeCo Calculator - Tool for fund managers that can calculate quantitative and net numbers, create reports and manage a fund of funds portfolio.

Invest Finance - Investment software for real estate, industrial, and financial industries.

Invidion - Calculators for different aspects of personal financial planning.

Irrq Finance IQ - Online calculation of net yields and net present values according to the internal rate of return. Payments can be processed with their exact dates.

JDP Software - A windows financial calculations program for investments and lending.

Margill - Interest calculation software for loan repayments, interest on late payments, mortgage calculations, lease calculations, late rent and investment options comparisons.

Margin Account Calculator - Accounting software designed for margined futures traders. Compatible with live data feeds for real time analysis.

MarginClick - Margin calculator for global exchange traded derivatives, equities and bonds products.

Math Corp - Products used to calculate formula loan payments, deposit calculation formulas, and mortgage calculation formulas.

Newman Information Systems - A set of fixed income analytical tools like bond calculators, bond swap, and total return analysis.

Online Financial Calculator - Online financial calculator tools for mortgage, loan, retirement, 401k, insurance, taxes, savings and investment analysis.

PiggyBob - Personal finance calculator.

Pivot Point Calculator - Pivot Points are used to find support and resistance areas in the financial markets.

Pivot Points - Investment software that calculates the pivot points widely used by floor traders to find support and resistance levels based on the high low and close levels of the previous trading day or period.

Prescosoft - Software for financial advisors, retirement planners, and brokers.

RealBenefits - Real estate investment and development software.

RealVal - Software to help real estate investors select residential rental properties using cash flow, rate of return and other forms of investment analysis.

REI Wise - Real estate investment software for a complete investment analysis.

Secure Office 123 Inc. - Calculates rate of return, net present values, irr, cash flow, financial ratios, amortization, business plans, balance sheets, and budgets.

Soft Green Corporation - Property management and income analysis software.

Spireframe Software - Financial analysis software for individual and professional investors, credit managers, and small business owners to analyze financial statement data.

Stochastic Lab - SLInvest is used to evaluate the financial efficiency of investment projects. SLInvest allows you to calculate main financial indicators of investment projects, which makes it possible to choose the most optimal and profitable investment.

The Yield Book Inc. - A fixed income analytics system.

Tools for Money - Features a variety of personal finance software.

TreasuryDirect - Basic online calculators for savings planning, growth and tax advantage estimates.

Web Risk - Risk management and options pricing with source code by Ralph Lange.

West Appraisal Analysis Inc. - Real estate appraisal software, calculates cap rates, yield rates, direct capitalization, and discounted cash flow analysis.

Wheatworks Software - Financial calculators for consumers and professionals in the banking, real estate, mortgage and financial services industries.

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