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Agency for Sweden Investment - Nonprofit, provides information and contact services for foreign investors evaluating opportunities in Sweden.

AOL Money & Finance - Investing - Provides investing tips and advice for managing portfolios.

BlastInvest - Contains tips on value investing from a real-life stock market investor.

Brunei Economic Development Board - Provides an investment guide to Brunei Darussalam, news and publications. Features related links and forms.

Bull - Features quotes, market data, commentary and news.

BusinessPanama Group - Full service organization promoting business, tourism, trade and foreign investment in Panama. Free online information. - Details the investment portfolio of a UK private investor, describing his holdings and reasoning.

CNET Investor - Fast quotes news, and research with community message boards, and portfolio management.

CompleteTrader - Discover new and proven methods so you can double your returns on stocks or options, even in one day. Beginners, experienced investors and daytraders can benefit from these easy-to-learn techniques.

Doing Business In Africa - Provides information on contacts and insights that are useful for doing business and investment opportunities in Africa.

Eurozone Advisors - Providing research and analyses on the ECB, and the economics and politics aspects of the Euro area. Advisors' profiles, contact details.

Finactive - Financial services guide to making the right financial decisions for your personal goals and plans. Discusses stock, insurance, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles.

FinanceTraining - Helping you understand the finance industry.

Financial Engines - Financial forecasts based on an actual or theoretical asset allocation.

Financial Pipeline - General investment information on bonds, derivatives, consumer finance, fund raising, real estate, retirement, stocks strategy and technology. - Provides updated news on regulatory and financial markets. Includes articles and alerts for brokers, financial planners and investors.

Fred Hager's View - Over 50 pages of free investment advice for the sophisticated investor, purporting that Mr. Hager's investment portfolio has maintained +43% gains per year for the last 12.5 years.

Funds For Life Ministries - A grace based source of financial solutions for ministries.

Futures Trading Course - Free educational futures trading book in pdf format. Teaches basic technical risk analysis and advanced order placement.

GeoInvestor - For global investors, a database covering 42 countries.

Global Value Investing with Stock Valuation - Intrinsic economic value of companies based on discounted cash flow from expected dividends or free cash flow to equity. Online calculator dubbed the Value Wizard. Four-step investment program with safety margin.

Hughes Investment Management - Up to date advice on investing in the smaller community and regional banks. - Overview of High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), major risks evaluation, e-currencies guide. Links.

Indian Financial Markets - Indian financial market information.

Inter-American Investment Corporation - Promote and support the development of the private sector and the capital markets in its Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Internet Fraud - How to avoid Internet investment scams.

Intro to Investing and Markets - Tutorial on investing and personal finance. Stocks, bonds, markets, 401k, school loans.

Invest in France Agency - The official website of the Invest in France Agency. Provides assistance to companies wishing to invest in Europe.

Invest in Thueringen - Provides overseas investment opportunities in Germany and Europe.

Invest-UK - Helps companies set up or expand business from a British base, fast and smoothly.

Investing in Europe - Information on investment opportunities in Europe with an emphasis on Aragon.

Investing Online Resource Center - Independent, non-commercial information on online investing. - Provides you a single place to research, track and plan your investments. - Online stock and financial dictionary with investing links and tips.

Investor Home - Information across a broad range of areas of investment. Defines investment versus speculation and links to numerous kinds of investment information and services.

InvestorGuide - Free comprehensive guide to investing and personal finance. - Tips and research on biotech and internet stocks.

InvestorProfit - Information and education on the markets, traded options, derivatives and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), how they work and how they can be profitably used.

Learning Investment Fundamentals - Provides articles that teach you the fundamentals of investing to start a successful investment program.

Lifeplan Funds Management - Investment solutions.

Meeting Your Needs - Interactive personal financial planning tool covering (1) Tax Planning, (2) Families/Individuals Capital-Needs Analysis, (3) Investment Planning Analysis, and (4) Retirement Planning Analysis. Most content requires a paid subscription.

Money Manager - Australian investor information - ranging from news to real time share quotes plus ideas about shares & managed funds portfolios.

Money Manager Review Online - Tracks, ranks and analyzes money manager performance. Locate and compare investment advisors. - Independent investment services for individual investors.

Naab Trade - Innovative but sound investment strategies.

Nelson's Investment Management Network - Free on-line directory of money managers.

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) - Facilitates U.S. companies' direct investments in the Netherlands. Whether developing a first European presence or reconfiguring existing European operations, companies can obtain information, strategic perspective and practical help from the business consultants of the NFIA.

Offshore Investing Glossary - Offshore investing glossary includes terms like Bank of International Settlements, Controlled Foreign Corporation, FPHC and FIRPTA.

Oz Investor - An informal guide to investment and money management options for Australians. - Membership site offers end-of-day stock and option trading strategies.

SEDAR, The System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval - Database of filings by Canadian listed companies and Canadian mutual funds with provincial securities regulators. The most comprehensive publicly available information resource available for Canadian investors. It's easy to use and free. Requires Adobe Acrobat reader

Selangor State Investment Center - Main mission is to provide information and advisory services to potential investors, as well as to assit them in setting up operations in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Sensible-Investor - A down-to-earth guide to U.S. personal finance websites, especially for long-term investors. Includes recommendations by category, newsletter, and Today's Target that takes aim at crummy, short-sighted advice in magazines and on the Web.

Sergey Investment Magazine - Information on stocks, options, and short-term investments strategies.

Site-By-Site - Global capital markets sorted by country and category to make your investment research easy. Stocks, funds and derivatives from around the globe. Quotes, charts, news, analysis and corporate information worldwide. - Daily stock and mutual fund recommendations with hourly market updates.

Sound Investing Guide - Offers advice and guidance for individuals seeking to learn basic investing principles.

South Pacific Investment - Capital investment opportunities and investor news in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Samoa. - Learn the basics of stocks, bonds, mutual funds. Investor fundamentals updated daily.

The American Foundation - Assist in creating foundations that give perpetual financial support to charities.

The Investment FAQ - The individual investor's source for clear and concise information about investments and personal finance. - Top site for timely investment commentary.

ThirdAge Money Channel - Provides a solid stepping stone for the novice investor. With ThirdAge's reliable tools and applications, you can save and invest your money intelligently to meet your future lifestyle needs.

Tigaon Investment Information Service - Offers general information on investing in Tigaon, Bicol in Philippines.

Tradertalk - Views for investors.

Uruguay Invest - An association of leading professionals providing advice on issues related to foreign investment in Uruguay and South America. - Rankings of each source based on their previous investment ideas.

Value Investigator - Providing the favourite value investments of a top value investing manager.

West-Holland Foreign Investment Agency - Assists and advises international companies with locating and staffing their European operations. - Site offers news, insight and 'whisper numbers' on active issues.

Yahoo Finance - Quick access to all types of financial data.

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