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ABC Debt Consolidation Loans - Provides homeowners with programs designed to consolidate debt. Features company overview, online application, FAQs.

Academic Financial Solutions - Student loan consolidation company offering federal and private education loans.

Academic Loan Group - Consolidation of student and parent plus loans.

Academic Loan Services - Allows combination of all outstanding federal student loans into one new consolidation loan.

AmerAssist - Debt restructuring for businesses.

American Association of Debt Management Organizations - The national trade association formed to provide education, training and support services to the credit counseling and debt management industry.

American Debt Co. LLC. - Wisconsin based debt consolidation firm.

American Debt Resources - A debt consolidation and counseling firm helping clients become debt free.

Americorp Debt Consolidation - Provides debt consolidation of bills and unsecured debt.

Autumn Financial Management - Manchester headquartered debt management company for UK consumers.

Cambridge Credit Counseling - National firm offering a debt consolidation plan.

CCFC of America - Financial counseling agency providing nationwide credit counseling services.

Church Wood Financial - Debt consolidation for UK residents.

Commercial Credit Counseling Services, Inc. - Provides debt restructuring services to financially struggling businesses.

Credit Advisors - Provides fee-based debt counseling services.

Credit Advocate - Offers solutions to credit and debt problems.

Debt Consolidation Corp - Provides debt consolidation services nationwide.

Debt Mediators Australia. - Provides debt consolidation assistance in Australia.

Debt Rescue UK LTD - UK debt management firm.

Debt Solutions USA - Financial firm offering a debt consolidation program.

Discount Debt Solutions - Provides credit counseling services and debt management solutions.

EduCare Financial - Nationwide student loan consolidation and counseling firm.

Epic Financial Management - Consolidates debt through refinancing or a debt management plan.

Federal Application Loan Processing - Federal Student Loan Consolidation for medical, law, business and other graduating students.

Financial Technologies - Specializes in debt relief for businesses and business owners.

First Consumer Debt Consolidation - Company sets up debt management plans for consumers.

Free Debt Consolidation Services - Provides debt consolidation and reduction programs nationwide.

Freedom Debt Management - Services include debt consolidation and counseling.

Fundamental Financial - Student loan consolidation for medical, law, business and other graduate school professionals.

Graduate Leverage - Student loan consolidation and debt management company.

Haydon Associates - UK debt consolidation company.

Kimberly Credit Counseling, Inc. - Debt consolidation company that assists people in paying off their debts.

Mutual Consolidated Savings - Company offers assistance with interest rate negotiations and consolidation.

National Association of Credit Counseling - Non-profit debt management organization.

National Student Loan Consolidation Corp. - Nationwide consolidator of student loans.

Navigators Debt Negotiation Service - Company offers credit counseling repayment plans.

New Horizon - Licensed non-profit credit counseling organization.

Okanagan Credit Counsellors Ltd - Debt consolidation for Canadian Residents.

OneSimpleLoan - Offers student loan consolidation, reconsolidation, Federal and private education financial aid loans.

Student Benefit Services - Provider of student loan consolidation services.

Take Charge America - Provides credit counseling, debt management and personal financing for consumers.

Welcome Solutions - Debt Management for UK residents.

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