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Currency Exchange Rates, Money, Foreign, World, Conversion, International Currency Rates - Factors And Fundamental Influences That Affect Currency Exchange Rates And Factors To Consider When Traveling And Undertaking Foreign Exchange Transactions. - A digital gold currency backed by physical storage of gold metal at an offshore location. Details on how to open an account and transfer funds to anywhere in the world.

Asianagold - A digital currency exchange for e-gold, Pecunix, Liberty Reserve, e-Bullion, 1mdc, and WebMoney. It is possible to transfer digital gold currency through this service.

AutoCambist - Digital currency exchanger. Supports e-gold, e-Bullion, Webmoney, wmz, wmr, wmu, wme, 1MDC, Liberty Reserve, Pecunix.

Barter - Links to sources of information on barter and a brief account of its history and contemporary relevance.

British Association for Monetary Reform - The BAMR website contains articles giving the true information about the banking systems, economics, debts, interest rates, world banking and the debt based society that we live in. - Provides full service exchange among digital gold currencies (DGCs), also known as e-currencies, and several forms of fiat or national currencies.

Denver Gold Exchange - United States based digital currency exchanger providing exchange between US dollars, E-gold, e-Bullion, Pecunix and Liberty Reserve. Large selection of payment options including direct cash deposits, Paypal, and credit cards. - A digital gold currency backed by physical gold that also allows you to trade physical gold for currency.

E-Currency Links - Online directory for e-currency industry.

e-dinar - e-dinar is an internet based electronic payment and exchange system that facilitates transactions which are 100 per cent backed by physical gold and silver. With e-dinar you can do secure, real-time and cost effective local and international transfers.

e-gold - Electronic currencies backed by gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Payment system allows transfer of small quantities of metal; site also has extensive statistics on holdings and transactions.

Euro Gold Sales - Digital currency exchange services. Includes e-gold, 1MDC, IBAN transfers, wire transfers, and SWIFT transfers.

Getemoney - Gold-backed digital currencies. Getemoney is an e-gold and e-Bullion exchanger for Canadians and Americans. - Digital exchange service for e-gold. A founding member of the eCurrency Trade Association

Global Digital Currency Association - Trade association of online currency providers, exchangers, merchants and users. They serve a self-regulation and promotion role in the digital currency industry.

Gold Age Inc, - digital currency exchange provider - Digital currency exchange provider, active since 1999.

Gold Rates - Daily rates of e-gold by popular exchange agents. Find the best rates for buying and selling digital gold on the Internet.

GoldKOBO - An e-gold accredited gold interchange operator in Nigeria. Enables the transfer of funds to and from e-gold accounts to anywhere in the world.

GoldMoney - A digital precious metal currency backed by physical gold and silver that is stored offshore. Information on how to open an account and transfer funds.

Goldtotem - E-currency exchanger and e-fund market maker. Buy, sell or exchange e-currencies and digital gold currencies including E-Gold, 1mdc and Pecunix.

Health Supreme's Economy Section - An exploration of monetary systems and economy alternatives. Concerns lack of credit availability in 3rd world environments. Proposes solutions.

IceGold - Digital currency exchange for e-gold and 1mdc. Allowing the transfer of funds to and from precious metal backed currencies.

International Journal of Community Currency Research - Online journal for the emerging community currency field.

Local and Interest-Free Currencies, Social Credit and Informal Credit Systems - Links to information sources on LETS, local community currencies, interest free money, social credit, and alternative monetary systems.

London Gold Exchange - Digital currency exchange provider for e-gold, e-silver, e-Bullion, Pecunix, Phoenix Silver and 1mdc. An array of services to allow the exchange of currencies backed by precious metals.

Me-gold - International e-currency exchanger.

Money Team - Alternative Money Systems - This NCN Alternative Money System team was created to collect information on what schemes already exist, to discuss the prospects of doing away with money systems and using a resource-based system instead, and ways of financing new civilization projects, implementing experimental and schemes.

Pecunix - Digital currency operator. Pecunix is backed by gold, and offers an advanced and secure API for merchants and users.

Phoenix Dollar - A digital currency, backed by silver. They offer a sophisticated reputation system, as well as a wide collection of physical silver items.

Prosperity: Freedom from Debt Slavery - Monthly journal on monetary reform and debt-free money promoting the Bromsgrove Group Statement on money reform. - De-mystifies money by presenting ideas on monetary and non-monetary exchange. Established by Thomas H. Greco, Jr., monetary researcher and author of Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender.

Social Classes and Social Credit in Alberta. by David Laycock - Reviewed by David Laycock in Canadian Historical Review - Volume 78, Number 3 September 1997.

Social Credit - Full text of Major Clifford Hugh Douglas' 1924 text on money, banking, and the standard of living.

Social Credit - Wikipedia - Encyclopedia article.

Social Credit School of Studies - Articles on social credit, philosophy and politics.

Social Credit Secretariat - Educational body promoting coordination, consultation and research into social credit. Online journal, articles and other social credit resources.

Social Credit. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001 - Short article on the economic theory, its application and history.

The Alberta Social Credit Party - Proposes the implementation of social credit economics in Alberta.

The Gold Blog - Information and news on the digital currency industry.

TimeBucks - is a community of people trading their time. One hour is worth 15 time-bucks. TimeBucks communities are springing up all over the United States and Canada.

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