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BullionVault - Gold prices, charts, trading & vaulting - BullionVault provides retail access to professional market gold bullion services at wholesale prices. Buy, vault, insure and sell gold with convenience and security in USA, Switzerland & UK.

Chronology of Money - Monetary history events from the earliest times to the end of the 20th century, taken from the Glyn Davies's book A History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present.

Comparative Historical Currency Chart : - Direct link into useful currency charting utility based on data of the European Central Bank. Plots two currencies relative strength against a third.

Currency Converter and Currency Exchange Rates - Discount Currency Exchange offers a daily look at currency news and exchange rates, also providing a converter, calculators, historical rates, and cross tables.

Gold - prices, charts, facts, figures & arguments - Detailed fundamental research into monetary gold. Includes history of money, commodity essentials, economic context. Also real-time gold prices and charts.

Gold News Weekly: Free Gold Charts, News, Quotes, Commentary - Gold News Weekly offers free news, commentary, indices, and charts.

Monetary Systems & Managed Economies - Essays and explanations. Origins and theories of money. Outline of the Federal Reserve System.

Money - Past, Present & Future - Provides essays and links to resources on monetary history, types and politics of money, alternative systems of exchange, and financial scandals.

The Money Markets - A beginner's guide to the nature of money, in particular to why this necessitates an inter-bank deposit market, and how the money market functions.

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