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Acme Trader LLC - Provides trading systems on pair trading, pattern recognition and float analysis.

AIQ Systems: Trading Expert Pro - Trading system for the Windows platform. Honored with six 1998 Reader's Choice Awards by Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine.

AstroTech Software - Offers stock and option trading software based on astrology analysis.

Coast Investment Software Inc. - FibNodes calculate probable price turning points in advance using Fibonacci trading techniques. - Offers automated trading systems for private traders and financial professionals.

DreamTai Trading Software - Provides automated trading signal software customized with money management system.

Ivorix GmbH - Analyzes the historical time series of stocks, currencies and index certificates and automatically develops risk-optimized strategies for daily trading.

Kase and Company - Software systems and strategies for trading and hedging. Specializing in energy trading and risk management solutions.

Market Guidance Systems Inc. - Real-time stock data analysis which displays the market conditions on a unique visual interface.

MCI Technologies Pty Ltd. - Software for stock analysis and portfolio management.

Modulus FE Trading Systems - Modulus Financial Engineering supplies trading system APIs for investors in many programming languages such as VB, C++ and Java.

NeuroGest - Provides software for stock market analysis and prediction using artificial neural network and machine learning techniques.

NeuroShell Trader - Trading system software that combines traditional analysis techniques with artificial intelligence. Uses neural nets for predictions and genetic algorithms for optimization.

Nexgen Software Systems - Mechanical trading systems and seminars for stocks and derivative trading.

Oz Scanner - Offers stock picking software based on probablity calculation.

PowerTrade - Offers streaming real time data, technical analysis shows relationship among markets, deviation from the predictions.

Prudent Trading Systems - Design and development of mechanical trading systems.

R-Quant Data Analysis Studio - An object-oriented data mining and analysis framework for projects ranging from simple portfolios to full-scale trading systems.

Trader Assistant - Offers utility for automated order execution using TradeStation software.

TradingSolutions - Financial analysis software that combines traditional technical analysis with neural network and genetic algorithm technologies.

TruExchange - TruMarket is a real time trading and risk management system for OTC exchanges, brokers in electronic markets across industries for trading in a range of instruments.

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