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American Investors Group, Inc. - Offers online access for investors to fixed-income, mortgage-backed bonds issued by churches.

Bergen Capital, Inc. - Underwriter and dealer in tax-free municipal, corporate, and government bonds. Features information, news, and investment banking services. - Access to an inventory of fixed income securities for the institutional-sized clients of Cambridge Group Investments, Ltd.

Credit Market Investments Ltd. - Specializes in assisting institutional clients to acquire and dispose of distressed and defaulted debt. Settlement details. - Municipal bonds brokerage firm designed for the individual investor, offering live, direct execution inventory, commentary, strategies and account.

Gill & Associates, Inc. - Broker-dealer specializing in advising banks and governmental units in Colorado about bonds and related securities.

Imperial Capital, LLC - Full service securities brokerage and investment banking firm with a focus on the below-investment-grade debt markets for institutional clients.

Interpacific Investors Services, Inc. - Full service brokerage with its own inventory of bonds, investment grade, high yield, and foreign.

J.B. Hanauer & Co. - Brokerage firm for corporate, state, and municipal bonds. Site features list of offerings available that is updated daily. - Online access to the bond markets, research, analysis and trading. Featuring a complete daily fixed income database to search the market, pooling inventory from hundreds of broker/dealer desks.

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